Aeon Public


With more than 10 years of public transport and Logistic domain expertise, Aeon has been pioneer in providing “practical”, “simple-to-use”, “no-frills” web-based IT solutions enabling the Public transport organization to integrate all depot management activities into a single system. Being web-based the system is ideally suited to “join” multiple locations (depots, HO, administrative office, workshops, stores) into one single system. Starting with basic depot functionalities of

  • Ticketing and cash Handling
  • Stores and Inventory
  • Fleet Management
  • Posting and Duty allocations

Today the solution has been extended to

  • Planning and Scheduling
  • Workshop (Vehicle Repair & Preventive Maintenance)
  • HR (Leave Management, OT, Duties, Holidays) so that the depot operational functions can be captured.

As the technology became more viable on real time basis, Aeon could couple the vehicle tracking for public buses with Passenger Information System to provide the real time information to the citizens and central transport controlling unit. After having deployed this solution at a number of public transport organization, this tried and tested solution can be an integral part of any ITS (Intelligent Transport System)



Manpower can be freed from day-to-day operations and assigned planning, scheduling and service improvement Large saving in inventory holding costs due to FMS and ABC analysis EPKM/KMPL and other vital parameters evaluation on daily basis allow proactive planning All MIS and compliance reports for STU readily available. Bus turnouts and life cycle improvement through the workshop and preventive docking / inspections features. Strategic advantages like anywhere, anytime reports availability, any and all locations in a single system.



More than 10 yrs Logistics and transport experience from which more than 8+ yrs for Public transport services Profound domain expertise of depot management, appointed as consultant to CIRT for IT solutions for Public transport

Special expertise of Stores and Inventory (centralized and single location) and workshop (fault repairing and docking as well as preventive inspections) Implementation and deployment experience for small to medium and large size transport organization Onsite support with Manpower (data entry, software engineers) for Hanholding, AMC, and other change requests until the contract period.


Client list:

  • SNT – Sikkim Nationalized Transport – IDMS /ITS – Ongoing
  • BEST – Centralized Stores and Inventory for multiple workshops and stores functions- Completed
  • TMT – IOFMS Depot Management system – Ongoing
  • NMMT – Stores and inventory system, Workshop, Posting and scheduling – Ongoing
  • PMPML – Central Stores and Inventory management – Ongoing