With this user-friendly and highly customizable software application you can get a dashboard view of your business center (s) without investing into additional computers/softwares and other IT infrastructure. With this software tool you can get your figures on the tip of your fingers, virtually with the mouse clicks.

The software application covers the standard operations for Business Center involving: Instant Member Registrations: to one or multiple different plans provided by the business centers. Flexibility in Room Booking: Multiple rooms can be booked by a member under single plan. Member has privilege to book multiple rooms for different time periods ranging Different Rates for the single room: Depending up on the membership type, different rates can be associated to the single room. For example Platinum member can enjoy a discounted rates compared to the Gold and Silver Members.

Virtual Office Address: P.O Box facility can be provided for the members registered under various business ID plans. Dedicated Telephone Extension: Here dedicated telephone extension can be allocated to the members. Telephone usage charges are transferred automatically through EPABX and billed directly in to the members account.

Financial Accounting: The system follows Double Entry Accounting Standards. This leads to generation of customizable reports such as; Client History – Ledger transactions, SOA, TDS, Debit balance, Security deposits,Member activity reports and many more can be generated easily. MIS Reports: Various location based MIS reports can be generated as;

  • Room wise / Location wise turnover and performance
  • Services wise reports
  • Average occupancy of rooms and members
  • Top Star performers listing
  • Receivables / Outstanding listing.

Special features of the Application: Non Member Registrations: Clients other than members can avail the services provided by the business centers at any locations through casual room booking System. Location wise Performances: Overall performances of each business center locations are tracked accurately and highly customizable reports can be generated. Employee Referral System: Here members registered through employee reference can avail special discounts. Employees can get incentives based on their referrals. Postings: Generate charge slips / invoices and receipts – for the facilities used by the members, viz. messenger / courier, fax, scanning, pantry, photocopy, printing, stationary, telephone, video conferencing, over Time etc. Availability: Location wise room availability lists can be viewed. Location wise monthly, quarterly, half yearly and yearly plan renewal alerts are available. Room Extension facility for already occupied clients. Data Security: Standard data security policy is implemented through strong user rights authentications to ensure that data is kept safe and access to it is suitably controlled through authenticated login accounts. External Interfaces: This system can be integrated with TallyTm accounting software or any other financial accounting software. Reports: Highly customizable reports can be generated in MS Excel, MS word, and PDF formats. Features Enhancements: Integration with payment gateway for collection of bills Advance booking by clients through online system Online SOA for clients Send email alerts for plan renewal, overdue etc. to the clients Generate a survey poll on various topics Complete inventory systems for consumables. Mass communication tool for online marketing and newsletter purposes. Technologies Used: Development tools: ASP, JAVA Database: Microsoft® SQL Server 2000 Operating System: Microsoft® WindowsTm